White Dove Events

White Dove Release Services

White Doves for ReleaseEnvision the looks on everyone's faces when the doves are released and circle the crowd before taking flight to head home.


White doves through the years have been a ceremonial tradition that has now become a popular "green" choice of many for their special events and services. (Green as in our doves are environmentally friendly!)


The symbols of love, hope, peace, togetherness, unity, the spirit and soul to celebration is why White Dove Releases appeal to many. In times of happiness to times of sorry, these amazing animals have a way to bring us together and help with healing.

Provide a memorable moment at your next event that not only will you, but your guests will remember for years to come. Add the final touch to your special day with the beauty and symbolism of a white dove release.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.