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White Dove Releases Rates and Reservations

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White Doves for Release
Our doves are available in counts of 2 Doves, 3 Doves, 4 Doves and 12 Doves. Additional Doves can be requested, rates will apply.


In order to keep our beautiful doves safe, we do have guidelines and policies in regards to our dove releases.

  1. We will not preform a dove release at night.
  2. We will not perform a dove release indoors.
  3. We will not perform a dove release in inclement weather - inclement weather meaning down-pours, thunder & lightning. A light rain / soft showers should be okay. It is important to check the forecast prior to reserving! (Refunds applicable)
  4. We will never send birds by mail.
  5. We cannot allow for anyone other than a White Dove Event coordinator to release our doves.
  6. There is no touching or handling of our doves. (We're sorry, but we do take very good care of our birds!)
  7. We cannot release our doves beyond a range they are unable to safely fly back from.