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White Doves for ReleaseMy husband and I had our 10 year wedding anniversary and we decided to renew our wedding vows. My friends and family surprised us with a beautiful white dove release to commemorative the day and our vows! I will always remember the day, the doves made our vow renewal just as beautiful as my wedding day!

RF. Swell

I called Jim after getting his name from a friend of mine - to have about a half dozen doves releases at my father's funeral.

The doves reminded me of my father and brought back many beautiful memories. I know my father is in a much better place now. Thank you White Dove Events for making this day bearable.
JR. Cherry Hill



After hearing how rice can make birds sick and bird seed in my opinion is not a choice for throwing at a new bride and groom. Somebody suggested dove releases for when we walked out of the church! I loved it! It made my wedding day feel magical and like out of a story book! I would absolutely recommend that if you're having a wedding, even if you have rice or bird seed - you must have doves!
FP. Marlon